Nonsurgical Body Contouring (SculpSure®Laser and ThermiSmooth® RF) – Las Vegas, NV*

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About Nonsurgical Contouring

Are you struggling to sculpt, lean, and contour your body no matter how many hours you spend in the gym? Are you unable to eliminate fat from stubborn areas regardless of your diet? Thaker Cosmetic and Wellness in Las Vegas, NV meets patients every day with this very complaint. We are proud to offer an effective solution with nonsurgical body contouring. Using SculpSure laser technology, Dr. Thaker can provide stunning results for both men and women who desire a firmer silhouette. These popular and innovative nonsurgical body contouring procedures help you to attain the shape you want with almost zero time wasted in recovery. Schedule your appointment today to get started!


Ideal Candidates

SculpSure can be used on many areas of the body, including the thighs, flanks, abdomen, and arms. Candidates for either procedure should be in overall good health and be at or near their goal weight. Nonsurgical body contouring can be a great treatment option for any individual who has stubborn fat pockets or lax skin that cannot be eliminated with diet and exercise alone.

Procedure Technique

The SculpSure procedure will be performed at Thaker Cosmetic and Wellness by Dr. Thaker. The treatment usually takes less than 30 minutes to complete, but this will vary based on the location of the treatment area and the number of body parts being addressed. Dr. Thaker will pass the treatment device slowly over the predetermined treatment area, focusing on up to four problem areas. At this time, the laser technology heats the fat cells without injuring or burning your skin. Since the procedure is nonsurgical and does not require incisions, you can expect to feel back to normal following your SculpSure session and can return to regular activities right away. Strenuous activity is not recommended for a period of two days.

What to Expect

Since SculpSure is a nonsurgical treatment, you will be free to resume your usual routine after your appointment. The treatment area may be red or swollen following treatment, but these symptoms will subside quickly. Strenuous activity should not be resumed for approximately two days following these procedures while your treated area heals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does nonsurgical body contouring cost?
The cost of your nonsurgical body contouring treatment will depend on the method chosen and the size and number of areas being treated. Dr. Thaker will create a comprehensive treatment plan for you during your consultation. Following an examination and discussion about your concerns, Dr. Thaker will be better able to estimate the cost of your treatment plan. Thaker Cosmetic and Wellness accepts a number of payment methods to make it easier for you to afford the services you need and deserve.

How many treatments will I need?
SculpSure is a highly effective body contouring procedure that provides stunning results but may require multiple sessions. Additionally, body contouring procedures do not help with weight management or weight loss so patients may need more treatments if weight gain negatively affects your results.

Can I combine my body contouring with other treatments?
Thaker Cosmetic and Wellness offers some of the most popular and sought-after aesthetic and wellness services available. Dr. Thaker often recommends a multimodal approach to treatment that may include a number of services combined to help you achieve the healthiest, happiest, and most beautiful version of yourself.

Sculpt Your Body

If all of your diet and exercises seem in vain, sculpt your figure without the downtime and expense of surgery with SculpSure at Thaker Cosmetic and Wellness in Las Vegas, NV. Contact us to plan a consultation with Dr. Thaker. In addition to these nonsurgical body contouring procedures, we also offer a number of exciting and helpful health and wellness options to help you renew your appearance and self-confidence.

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