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About Weight Consultations

Have you tried every fad diet on the market only to gain back all of the weight you lost? Have you made multiple attempts to lose weight unsuccessfully? If you can answer yes to these questions, you should consider supervised weight loss at Thaker Cosmetic and Wellness. Board-certified family practitioner Dr. Reuben Thaker offers several noninvasive weight loss solutions to help you lose weight and fall in love with your body. Beginning with a weight loss consultation, Dr. Thaker will work to understand your lifestyle, diet and exercise routine, and medical history before recommending a course of action for your weight loss journey. Today is a great day to change your life forever. Schedule an appointment at our Las Vegas facility to begin your journey.

Ideal Candidates

Any man or woman who is unhappy at their current weight could be a candidate for our supervised weight loss programs at Thaker Cosmetic and Wellness. However, those who will see the best possible results from our programs include those who:

  • Have BMIs in the overweight range
  • Are 100 pounds over their goal weight
  • Are unable to maintain a healthy body weight through diet and exercise
  • Are tired of attempting fad diets in vain

Treatment Options


Found naturally in the body, HCG hormones can be injected to help metabolize fat and improve the rate at which you lost weight. The injections are combined with a low-calorie diet of lean protein, fresh vegetables, and fruits. Your diet and injections will be supervised by Dr. Thaker for the best possible weight loss result.

Diet and Exercise Consult

In addition to any weight loss plan, Dr. Thaker will recommend a healthy level of physical activity and discuss what may need to change with your current diet. Dr. Thaker has found that patients often have an easier time changing their habits after a close examination and analysis of their current lifestyle. We will discuss optimal nutrition and physical activity and how small changes to your life can help you better lose weight and maintain that weight loss. At Thaker Cosmetic and Wellness, we want to help you reach your goals in a realistic way.

MIC Injections and Medications

MIC stands for the compounds l-methionine, inositol, and choline. These are lipotropic agents that can help with the breakdown of fat while food is being metabolized. Dr. Thaker offers MIC injections and recommends them during any weight loss program. The B-12 in these injections are vital to your health and are known to enhance liver and gallbladder function while decreasing fat deposits. In addition to MIC injections, Dr. Thaker can also prescribe weight loss medications and supplements (in certain situations) to help reduce appetite and increase metabolism.

What to Expect

Our team understands that every patient is different and will respond differently to our weight loss programs. However, we have successfully helped dozens of men and women lose weight and maintain their weight loss and we are confident we can help you too. Trust Dr. Thaker to create a customized treatment plan that will work for you and maintain each scheduled appointment to optimize your weight loss program. You can expect professional advice, compassion, and success when working with Thaker Cosmetic and Wellness for your weight loss needs.

Let's Take Off the Weight

To learn more about our weight loss consultations, contact Thaker Cosmetic and Wellness in Las Vegas, NV to schedule a consultation with Dr. Reuben Thaker. You will reach your goal weight much faster and with more confidence when assisted by a skilled and compassionate team. Call us today.

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