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About IV Nutrient Therapy

IV nutrient therapy is a simple, ideal way to boost your overall health from the inside out. At Thaker Cosmetic and Wellness in Las Vegas, we offer customized IV nutrient treatments that can improve the symptoms of a hangover, boost a weak immune system, address minor mineral deficiencies, and fight fatigue. As an extra bonus, IV nutrient therapy can improve the look and feel of your skin so that you look as great as you feel. Meet with board-certified family practitioner Dr. Reuben Thaker during a consultation to discuss your symptoms and concerns before scheduling your therapy. In some cases, we are able to provide same-day treatment! Contact Thaker Cosmetic and Wellness to schedule your appointment, or to learn more about IV nutrient therapy.

Ideal Candidates

While most patients are ideal candidates for IV nutrient therapy, Dr. Thaker will ensure your safety by discussing your medical history and lifestyle before recommending treatment. Generally speaking, patients who benefit most from nutrient IV therapy are those who:

  • Wish to improve their overall health
  • Have a weak immune system
  • Suffer from fluctuating moods
  • Have dehydrated skin that lacks a healthy color
  • Experience chronic fatigue
  • Have vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Are experiencing hangover symptoms

Procedure Technique

During your consultation at our Las Vegas facility, Dr. Thaker will discuss which nutrient therapy will best suit your needs and goals. Then your treatment will be administered in one of our private procedure rooms. Once the IV is inserted into your arm, the infusion should take no longer than one hour to complete. Patients feel very little discomfort during the insertion process and begin to feel the benefits of the nutrient infusion almost immediately. You are invited to read or relax in peace while your therapy takes place. After the treatment is complete, a bandage will be placed over the insertion site and you will be released to go about your day.

What to Expect

You can expect to begin feeling revitalized before your nutrient therapy is even complete! However, you may not notice the outward effects of the treatment until later in the day. There is no need for downtime or recovery following this treatment and no need for particular aftercare instructions in terms of the application site. Patients may remove their bandage as soon as any bleeding has stopped.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does IV nutrient therapy cost?
The cost of your nutrient therapy will depend on the customized formula that is created to suit your needs. During your initial consultation, Dr. Thaker will create your treatment plan before estimating costs. A member of our team will help explain your out-of-pocket cost and explain the payment methods we accept at that time.

When will I notice a difference?
You will likely begin to feel the inward effects of the treatment before it is even complete. Although, you likely won't notice the outer physical benefits of your nutrient IV treatment until later in the day or possibly the following day.

How often should I return for treatments?
The number of treatments that Dr. Thaker will include in your treatment plan will depend on your unique physical condition and specific health goals. After discussing these things, as well as your lifestyle and medical history, Dr. Thaker can discuss how often he thinks you should receive IV nutrient therapy.

Is IV nutrient therapy safe?
Nutrient therapy is an incredibly safe and effective method for directly delivering vital vitamins and minerals into your bloodstream. This minimally invasive procedure helps your body achieve optimal rejuvenation, nutrition, and health. The procedure is associated with very few side effects and is well tolerated by most patients.

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Elevate Your Wellness

Thaker Cosmetic and Wellness is pleased to offer IV nutrient therapy to Las Vegas area patients who suffer from a range of health, wellness, or aesthetic concerns. Schedule a consultation at our upscale facility to learn more about the benefits of IV nutrient therapy, as well as our many other cosmetic and health procedures. We look forward to amplifying your health and beauty from the inside out.

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