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About Hormone Therapy

Hormonal imbalance can affect men and women both, causing frustrating symptoms, such as low sex drive, mood swings, and fatigue. But at Thaker Cosmetic and Wellness in Las Vegas, patients can receive an effective and lasting solution with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Board-certified family practitioner Dr. Reuben Thaker offers HRT with bioidentical hormone pellets that are inserted beneath the skin. During a consultation prior to your treatment, Dr. Thaker will ask about your lifestyle and medical history and perform a blood panel before recommending a course of treatment. After determining that you are an ideal candidate for the procedure, your custom compounded pellet will be inserted beneath the skin in your lower back/upper thigh area during a quick, outpatient office procedure.


Ideal Candidates

The ideal candidate for HRT is any man and woman who is suffering from a lack of sufficient testosterone, estrogen, or progesterone who has been deemed healthy enough for treatment. To determine your candidacy, Dr. Thaker will perform a medical examination and obtain a blood panel to ascertain your current hormone levels. At this time, your pellets will be custom compounded to meet your specific needs.

Procedure Technique

You customized pellet will be inserted into your lower hip/upper buttock area in a straightforward, fast procedure that is performed in the comfort of one of our procedure rooms. We will numb the area with a local anesthetic before creating a very small incision in the treatment site. Lastly, Dr. Thaker will insert the pellet beneath the skin and cover the area with a small bandage. The incision site is so small that it does not require stitches. Patients are able to leave our facility immediately following the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you test my current hormone levels?
Dr. Thaker will perform a comprehensive blood panel to determine your hormone levels before treatment. These blood tests will continue throughout the course of your treatment so we can monitor your hormone levels and compound your pellets to meet your specific needs.

What causes hormone imbalances?
Hormone imbalance occurs as we age, and our hormone levels begin to deplete naturally. Most individuals experience hormonal imbalance beginning in their 40s regardless of their diet and exercise routine or their lifestyle.

How are bioidentical hormones prepared?
After a detailed consultation and evaluation, Dr. Thaker will prescribe a unique combination of hormones to treat your symptoms and address your individual needs. The prescriptions are then filled by a bioidentical hormone compounding pharmacy where your pellets will be custom made to meet your unique hormone profile.

What are the long-term health benefits of hormone replacement therapy?
HRT helps men and women reduce the risks of many of the diseases associated with aging, including cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke, and senility. HRT pellets also treat fatigue, mood swings, and low sex-drive, helping men and women to feel more energy and enjoy a higher quality of life.

What to Expect

While you will be able to return to your normal daily activities immediately following the procedure, any type of exercise that involves the lower body should be avoided. Once the site has healed and the bandage is removed, patients can return to their standard exercise routine. Dr. Thaker also advises patients not to swim, take a bath, or soak in a hot tub until their incision site has healed. Your HRT pellet will dissolve naturally over time and be absorbed by your body. Dr. Thaker will help you recognize when to return to Thaker Cosmetic and Wellness for your next pellet.

Take Back Your Life

Men and women in Las Vegas who are suffering from the symptoms of hormonal imbalance can receive the help they need from our team at Thaker Cosmetic and Wellness. Our customized hormone replacement pellets are designed to treat a multitude of symptoms related to imbalance and have helped countless patients feel whole again. Call us today to schedule your consultation. We look forward to helping you.

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